Second Amendment

A string of tragic events has forced Americans to begin having conversations about issues related to the Second Amendment. Unfortunately, those conversations aren’t taking place among American leadership. When it appears that they might, the vitriol starts, and people retreat to the comfort of their established thoughts and opinions.

Whatever anyone happens to believe is the best way to solve the problem (right or left, Republican or Democrat, Second Amendment rights advocate or not), we are all left to witness the paralysis of our elected officials.

What I have proposed in many meetings, at town halls, and at events across the district is to break that paralysis by avoiding discussions of bans and other divisive topics and, instead, consider something for which there is overwhelming public support: stronger and more thorough background checks. They are a proven method of reducing violence carried out with a gun.

It is my hope that we would have a genuine, rational conversation about how to increase our level of safety without infringing on our rights under the Second Amendment.