Jason's Thoughts on Infrastructure


The nation’s infrastructure is in dire need of repairs, upgrades, and improvements.

There is broad, bipartisan support for significant investment in America’s highways, bridges, ports, and airports. The Trump administration’s efforts at developing its $1.5 trillion dollar infrastructure plan falls short in the method through which it is proposed to be funded.

Placing so much reliance on corporate resources, as proposed, would create a situation where the projects are much more likely to be undertaken in areas where those corporate players could make a profit. Urban centers would get more attention, as would high income areas.

That isn’t the Second Congressional District of Oklahoma. We are a rural district and one that, unfortunately, has a high poverty rate. That means it would be likely that we’d see the tax dollars we pay go to areas that have much less need than we have for investment on bridges and highways here in eastern Oklahoma.

Infrastructure is essential to a vibrant economy that creates jobs and puts people to work and we have a major need for that kind of public investment our state. I’d be an aggressive supporter of any infrastructure proposal that meets the needs here at home and on guard against anything that would unduly redirect resources to private pockets or areas that have less need than we do here in eastern Oklahoma.