Local 4099 Firefighters Union endorses Nichols for Congress

Firefighters from Local 4099 this week endorsed Jason Nichols, D-Tahlequah, for the Second Congressional District of Oklahoma, citing his record of support for first responders.

“We at the Local 4099 have watched Jason Nichols go from a city employee to a city councilman and now, a second-term mayor,” Local 4099 President Jody Enlow said. “Along the way, he has made great improvements to our community and has fulfilled salary increases for not only firefighters, but for all city employees. The Local 4099 proudly supports Jason Nichols for Congress.”

As mayor of Tahlequah and as a former city councilman, Nichols has consistently worked with Local 4099 firefighters to ensure they procure crucial, state-of-the-art vehicles and modern bunker gear, including new self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA).

He has also supported pay raises for firefighters and worked with city councilors and the fire department on securing funds to build a second fire station in the city while providing more fulltime firefighter positions, both of which have reduced response times to emergency calls across Tahlequah.

Through these accomplishments, many homeowners’ insurance rates decreased after the Tahlequah Fire Department recently obtained one of the best fire-protection ratings in the state.

“I am honored to receive the endorsement of Local 4099 Firefighters,” Nichols said. “I've always worked hard at the municipal level to ensure our local first responders were equipped with the proper vehicles, safety equipment and training they need to protect our community. Like police officers and medical professionals, firefighters work hard to serve their communities every day, and they deserve our respect and our unwavering support. I believe this endorsement is a testament to my record here in Tahlequah and of just how hard I will work to support first responders all across the Second Congressional District here in eastern Oklahoma.”



PHOTO: Local 4099 Firefighters and Jason Nichols, D-Tahlequah for Congress

Le Flore County Fish Fry

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Atoka County "Meet the Candidate" Event

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Adair County Town Hall

Jason will be in Adair County for a town hall on April 14th. Details about time and venue are still being settled and we'll post again (and create a FB event) when they are available. We're holding a town hall in each of the 26 counties between now and the end of June.

Miami Town Hall

Jason held a town hall in Miami for the resident of Ottawa County on March 14th.  When asked the question, "Why do you want to go to Washington?  You know how it is there. Why would you want to go into that mess?", Jason responded:

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Latimer County

 Latimer County Democratic Party.jpgJason was recently in Wilburton on the campus of Eastern Oklahoma State College meeting voters from Latimer County.  We are often so focused on whether we're sending a Democrat or a Republican to Washington when what we need is an Oklahoman. We need an Oklahoman who worked their way through college; an Oklahoma who saw a need in his hometown and stepped up and ran for mayor to make a difference. We need an Oklahoman that represents our district, our values, our people.  Jason is all of those things...

Muskogee County


Tonight I heard from Muskogee County residents the same concerns I’ve heard traveling across Oklahoma’s Second Congressional District: We are disappointed; we are frustrated and exhausted by partisan politics. We must get away from “them” and “us” and instead encourage respectful civic participation where differences in philosophy are welcome – so long as we work to find solutions.

We must strive now to keep our country strong and free while respecting human dignity.

The bottom line is that people matter, and that belief should be at the heart and soul of our efforts. I look forward to sharing that idea as I continue to travel this district in the coming weeks and months.

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Campaign Announcement

Campaign Announcement

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