"This is your victory!"

This is your victory.

For sixteen months, my family and I have crisscrossed 26 counties here in eastern Oklahoma, carrying through on my promise from Day 1 to look you in the eye, answer your questions and vow, no matter our political differences, to work tirelessly to be your voice and to find solutions, rather than excuses, to your concerns.

We’ve heard it can’t be done. That’s the narrative some in the establishment would have us believe. They hope to see us give up, to shy away from the challenge.

But we have news for those who doubted our determination: they’ve underestimated the people.

There are those who look me in the eye, to this very day, and say we can’t do it. They believe we’ll give up and go away, too troubled at the thought of facing a three-term incumbent.

But in the words of Capt. Jean-Luc Picard, “Things are only impossible until they're not."

I’ve been told I stood little chance before. And what those people don’t know is that I have the unwavering support of my wife, Jennifer … and my daughters, Cara and Gemma… pushing me to do what others tell us can’t be done.

What they also failed to realize is that, while each of us carries within us our own personal beliefs as Oklahomans, we collectively hold near and dear to us a set of Oklahoma values that bonds us. They aren’t simply Democratic or Republican values, or Libertarian or Independent values … they are, indeed, non-partisan.

I believe it is truly time to start putting people ahead of politics and money. Eastern Oklahomans deserve a public servant who encourages their civic participation and respects their uniqueness. Eastern Oklahomans deserve a Congressman who wants the government to work for the people who live here, not to benefit some faceless special interests from another state.

To everyone who participated in this election, thank you for getting out there and casting your ballot.

I especially want to thank all of you who pounded the pavement and knocked on doors, who picked up the phone and called a neighbor, a family member, or even a complete stranger, to tell them about our campaign. You’ve supported me with your words, your time and your finances, and I am forever grateful for the faith you’ve put into this campaign. The Nichols family has grown.

The same is true of those who worked so tirelessly for Clay. He and his wife, Amy, and their supporters deserve our appreciation. It takes faith and fortitude to run for public office. It is this process that provides the backbone to our electoral process. As we’ve both learned in recent months, campaigning isn’t always easy, it isn’t always pretty, and it’s absolutely exhausting. But it’s rewarding.

We campaign because we care about our state and our country.

Friends, we have a tough road ahead of us, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned to be unquestionably true of the people of this Second Congressional District, it’s that we’re hard workers. We won’t be outworked, and the deep pockets of those out-of-state special interests don’t intimidate us one bit.

We’re hungry for change.

As we move forward to November 6th, let’s not fall back into old habits of playing party politics as an excuse to debate rather than to find a path to progress. It will take Democrats and Republicans, Independents and Libertarians, all working together to bring about the change we’ve all been asking for in recent years.

We’ll begin that difficult work soon enough. But for now, I’ll simply say once again – thank you.

This is your victory.

We’re going to flip this Second Congressional District on November 6th.

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